 As the rear wheels are fixed, this centre point must be on a line extended from the rear axle.  Intersecting the axes of the front wheels on this line as well requires that the inside front wheel is turned, when steering, through a greater angle than the outside wheel . King pin inclination  It is the angle between king pin centre line and vertical line when seen from the front of the vehicle.

I don't have a 110 but bought a well worn 314 last year with very loose steering. I think the axle pivot bushing should be replaced or adjusted, again I am not familiar with a 110. Sometimes you can adjust the slack out by tightening the bolt. As far as the axle/spindle bushings go there is always a bit of slack in those . If you actually measure the spindles and bushings you can determine the extent of the wear.

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If the inside rear lifts too much the kart can become twitchy and difficult to drive smoothly. If the kart doesn’t turn-in well, then you’ll spend the rest of the corner catching up with this initial problem. The short wheelbase lessens the leverage the font tyres have over the rear tyres.

  • Pulling my lb 5th wheel camper I had death wobble with less than 38k miles.
  • It prevents the steering column from impaling through the steering wheel and the driver’s head like a spear.
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  • DO NOT REMOVE NUT AT THIS TIME. Apply upward pressure to the steering wheel.
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  • Depending on how low the fluid has got, this may vary from a dull moan to a shrill squeal.

It was, for all intents and purposes, one of my favorite things about our week-long drive. Our tester had no heated seats or steering wheel, few soft-touch surfaces, and little sound insulation. In a different vehicle, omission of these might serve as an egregious error; but this is a Jeep. I almost lost control of the truck, I had to let truck slow down to approximately 30 mph before the shaking stopped and I gained control of the truck back.

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UN 79 regulations allow for no mechanical connection between the driver and the steerable wheels. Without mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the road wheel, it is less likely that the impact of a frontal crash will force the steering wheel to intrude into the driver's survival space. A few types of vehicle use only rear wheel steering, notably fork lift trucks, camera dollies, early pay loaders, Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion car, and the ThrustSSC.