However, there is no official software for Castle Clash. You are wrong if you think you can install Castle Clash to a Windows PC just like how you install other programs that come with exe setup file. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean there is no way to play this wonderful game on a PC. Here we are going to share the most popular method to download and install Castle Clash for PC. You can also download Castle Clash APK for Android for free. I am one of the founders of this site and I am the chief editor of the site.

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Save up as many shards as possible however - this will allow you to buy legendary essence, gelatinous champion. This is the highest essence type you can buy, and it provides up to 3000 EXP. Level your heroes' skills as much as possible, easily using this type. In some days of the calendar, blessed tomes are rewarded, which can only be rewarded through the daily rewards.

  • The shields on the corners are changed, being gold with grey borders, and they are further reinforced with a golden stripe.
  • An enormous underworld, with multiple nations and alien cultures.
  • From this version on, the version number corresponds to the maximum Town Hall level.
  • Useful against all black enemies and shockwave enemies.
  • It's also quite annoying how you don't get some rewards on levels.
  • You can also have a pet and you will see that if you battle different bosses you will become stronger in this game.
  • Defensive units that survive an attack, regardless of their health level, will return to the Clan Castle at full health .

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Why Are The Gems And Gold So Important In Castle Clash?

Maybe this android game is fun, but I'm basing it on my idea of fun. I was looking for a dress up android game not a book reading game. Frankly I was doing this to earn diamonds for another android game but if it had been fun I would have continued. Amazing concept, attractive graphics and costumes, surprising stories, and it really gets you hooked. But man, it is method too expensive to obtain everyday satisfaction from the game.

No one ever survived the zombie apocalypse standing out in the open. Purchase barricades and turrets at the shop between waves and build your base however you like. Don't forget to upgrade both your barricades and your turrets or else, just like you, they won't survive very long.DisclaimerNo real Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, is used, traded, or mined in the operation of this game. 8-Bit Commando is a run and gun platformer with fast-paced action, a rocking soundtrack , local multiplayer and explosions. The graphics will take you back to the classic age of gaming and the gameplay is bound to challenge even the most seasoned vets.