However, this time he gets hurt when the trampoline propels him into a tree. My Talking Tom Friends is a game where the player takes care of Tom initially, but later gets Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca to take care of too. Talking Tom Splash Force is a game in which the player uses water balloons to attack criminals. Talking Tom Pool is a game released in 2017 in which the player builds a waterpark.

  • Since Steve's death, Shelby is no longer living with Celia and was given to Darcy, who is the bass guitarist for Pause For The Cause.
  • There's nothing that can replace my beautiful friend.
  • YouTube star Steve Cash, the man behind the “Talking Kitty Cat” videos, has sadly passed away at the age of 40, just months after speaking candidly about his mental health.
  • The videos would often posit Sylvester as Steve's mortal enemy and greatest source of fear.
  • Cash's cat-themed YouTube channel had over 2.4 million subscribers at the time of his suicide.
  • Go get a life and if you don’t like it in America you can Download My Talking Kitty Cat APK for Android leave anytime you want.

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Here's What Happened To Legendary Youtuber Talking Kitty Cat

The friends suffer in summer while Ben repairs their air conditioner. Meanwhile, the Raccoon Robber steals people's fans and air conditioners for himself. When he experiences a power outage, he redirects power from the power station so that no one else gets power. The gang fights the Raccoon to stop him and destroys his computer with which he commits all his crimes.

TMZ reported on the YouTube star’s death, adding that he died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The YouTuber, who posted videos under the name stevecash83, had been previously open with his fans about his battle with depression and mental health issues. Steve Cash was a youtube star, director and actor who was best known for his “Talking Kitty Cat” videos. The series started back in 2007 around YouTuber’s premise voicing each of the episodes and talking to his cats as though they were human beings. This channel is my son’s favorite and we are all heartbroken,” one user wrote.Added another, “Steve, Sylvester & all the family – we are crushed beyond imagination.

Surprised Kitty

Random Kitty picked Gibson as the one she needed to keep. Steve’s then sixth feline, GG, made its presentation in Good News and Bad News. According to TMZ, who first reported the news, the YouTube star died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 40 years old, according to the report. The short but popular videos drew tons of fans … with 2.43 million subscribers.