There are scores and scores of Lightroom presets available for download. Some are part of compensated bundles; others are not free. Which are Lightroom Presets? Nicely, Lightroom presets are easy recipes for post-processing. In a single click, you may completely change the type of your landscape images. I've picked 35 free Lightroom presets to discuss that can shake your landscape pictures in 2020. Most are for colour, daytime scenes, but I've included some for astrophotography, black & white conversion, and a few special effects. How to Download Lightroom Presets Before I leap to the advised presets, allow me to show you the way you can install Lightroom presets. First, obtain the preset and unzip if necessary. There are two ways to install presets for Lightroom. Option 1 In the left column of this Develop Module, click the plus sign near the Presets window. You'll have the choice to import a preset. By default, Lightroom shops the preset under the User Presets tab. Choice 2 Drag a folder containing presets to the Create Presets folder onto your PC. This folder can be challenging to find. Here are the steps I take for this folder: Go to the Presets tab below Preferences Click the button"Show All Additional Lightroom Presets" Open the Lightroom folder Drag a new folder comprising Lightroom presets into the Create Presets folder. FREE Landscape Lightroom Presets Next time you start Lightroom, a new set of presets will look. Colour Presets 35. Wanderlust Fix the Photo has many quality presets. Wanderlust is the very first of three I've included in this report. The Wanderlust preset subtly enhances your landscape with contrast and clarity. Split image with original photograph (left) and also Wanderlust preset (correct ). Exposure 0 Highlights decreased -36 Shadows increased +38 Whites decreased -17 Blacks decreased -17 Clarity increased +21 Dehaze 0 Vibrance improved +20 Saturation 0 There are also small changes to the tone curve, white balance, along with the HSL panel. Download Preset (automatic download) 34. Magic Nature Magic Nature by Fix the Photo appears to find colours I didn't believe were in my image. The preset favours purples and reds. The free presets on Repair the Photo come and go. This is only one of my favorites. Let us hope this one stays around! Split image with original photograph (left) and Magic Nature preset (correct ). Contrast increased +24 Highlights decreased -24 Shadows increased +31 Whites increased +12 Blacks diminished -31 Clarity increased +48 Vibrance raised +26 There are also large modifications in Split Toning along with the HSL panel. All colours are saturated, some more than others. 33. Dull Slot Canyon The Dull Slot Canyon preset is part of the evaporating Exposure Landscape bundle