People are the pillar of every business. We will provide your company with professional staff for designated positions. Trust us and let\'s talk about the possibilities of cooperation.

As a Temporary Employment Agency, we meet your expectations by providing comprehensive support for the recruitment process, no matter how many employees you need.

Modern times in terms of recruitment are not easy for entrepreneurs. The employee\'s market makes the whole process seem more difficult and longer than usual. Fortunately, we found a solution to this problem!

Working with JOB-HR you get:

  • Professional service
  • Constant care
  • A ready employee
  • Full documentation
  • Accommodation and the opportunity to organize employee travel to the workplace
  • Medical examinations and OHS training for employees

Short-term leasing

Short-term employee leasing is directed to entrepreneurs who have a demand for employees only in seasonal terms or single-use orders. We are one of the few companies operating in the HR industry that undertakes similar orders, believing that each client should be treated the same at the highest possible level.

If you are looking for employees for temporary work only for the season or one order, please contact us or fill out the form, and we will quickly find out about your demand and send information to the department of agency orders cooperating with us outside Poland. As a result, we will provide you with the staff, regardless of the preferred amount, as soon as possible.

Long-term leasing

Long-term employee leasing is directed to companies having a demand for temporary employees for a longer period of time. Every entrepreneur seeking to develop a company constantly has to deal with problems like employee turnover, absence from work, long recruitment process and documentation necessary for the proper functioning of the company. We meet expectations by supplying the staff to the required positions. Thanks to this, the company receives a sense of security and relief associated with the recruitment process. All this so that you can focus on the main area of the company\'s activity.

Working with us, you do not have to worry about documentation, employee rotation. We are not bound by a contract for a given employee. If the candidate does not meet your expectations, we recruit another person who possesses tailored competences.

Have time to grow your own company and we will take care of what is necessary!

Recruitment of foreigners in Poland

If you have a demand for employees, you are not interested in employee leasing, and you are simply looking for people for your company, this offer is especially for you. Our employment agency provides recruitment services, giving clients the opportunity to order only the recruitment process for the required position.

This option is intended for companies interested in hiring an employee directly in the company. It is enough that we receive an order from you describing the requirements that the employee must meet, and the entire recruitment process, including the documentation permitting us to stay in Poland, will be organized as part of the service.

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