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The approach that is best whenever wanting to achieve a fourgy is always to proceed to a town where hot feminine triplets reside.

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Rachel, Sarah and Vicki Satterfield :

They are famous for posing for Playboy and . well, posing for Playboy. Ok last one, and additionally they all dropped away from high school to become strippers.

In Brief : The afternoon after they had been born, an image of mother cuddling three swaddled daughters went into the neighborhood magazine.

Their very first haircut, whenever the girls turned 1, made the paper, too.

This thirty days, the 23-year-old Satterfield sisters -- Rachel, Sarah and Vicki -- rode their bodies, dyed blond locks and the novelty to be triplets to the pages of Playboy magazine -- in the same way they had wanted since age 15.

"Our mom told us we could do just about anything we wanted to," said Vicki, seated on a family that is beige settee with her sisters, identically dressed up in skintight purple Playboy T-shirts, black colored minis and black colored pumps.

" This is what they desired to do," stated their mother, Noreen Satterfield, seated close to them, "so it’s this that they truly are doing."

A Playboy spokeswoman stated the triplets caught the magazine's eye "because of their normal, girl-next-door appearance."

The revealing six-page feature in Playboy's August issue is not sufficient, however. The aim is to live at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles and become centerfolds, with all the current popularity, travel and premium appearances that brings.

"In the world, we're a-listers," Vicki said, "but we should be famous."

Their world is definitely an Elyria side street having a hoodless rusted automobile on obstructs, yards strewn with toys and weathered, peeling homes.

The Satterfields' tidy four-bedroom house has doilies in the tables, art from their young nieces and nephews regarding the fridge and a cross from their belated grandmother regarding the wall. The walls are jammed with collage structures of family members images. But mostly, you will find photos regarding the triplets, and always together.

The siblings usually complete one another's sentences or cut each other down by raising their voices that are husky. They habitually twirl their hair.

Two have driver's licenses and smoke cigarettes. Each posesses Playboy that is different-colored purse. They share one mobile. The rear screen of their silver Chrysler 300 features a mock permit dish that they had airbrushed at Midway Mall. It reads, "The Triplets."

At their age, Noreen Satterfield was hitched and on her option to raising eight kids. Her ex-husband is just a truck driver in Portage County.

When the "triplets" (which she actually is always called them since it's faster) proclaimed their desire to become either ladies of this World Wrestling Federation or Playboy Playmates, that has been just fine.

"Every woman really wants to be famous," Vicki said. "Every girl wants to maintain Playboy."

The Satterfield sisters, who dance at a strip club near their property, grew up in Lorain. They went to Admiral King senior school, but don't complete.

And don't work -- at the least maybe not until 19, once they began stripping since they thought they needed breast implants in order to make Playboy. Combined, they made $40,000 in the 1st 45 days of stripping. (they mightn't say how much they make now.)

The quest for Playboy started four years back with a picture album delivered to the magazine. Four times later, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner responded with a page, inviting them away for the test shoot. They had never been on a air plane before.

Four months later, their image appeared in the mag's 50th-anniversary issue. The spread that is current which posed them as you're watching Avon Lake Theater along with other neighborhood spots, was shot in late 2005.