13 Real People Spill Their Many Embarrassing AF Sex Tales

Intercourse could possibly be the most sensible thing ever, if it is because of the right individual and they’re making the proper techniques. We can all relate to whether it’s drunk sex, sober sex, a one night stand, or sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend, the joys of boning are something.


But intercourse can be probably the most embarrassing experience of your real life and these folk that is regular right right here to share with you that you’re not by yourself when you look at the total mortification of fornication…

1. “He ripped their penis…”

"I happened to be seeing some guy at uni for a couple months and let’s just state their endurance wasn’t exactly exactly exactly what you’d want whenever you start that is first with some body. I believe he had been pretty embarrassed so unbeknownst if you ask me one he ‘emptied’ himself before coming to see me evening. We got down seriously to company and curvy ladies sex after a matter of seconds he made a strange noise, jumped up and disappeared in to the restroom. We assumed he’d simply finished currently and stretched off to acquire some kip. But as my hand went throughout the sheet we felt a patch that is damp the sleep. I pulled within the covers and realised these people were were wet in bloodstream! I happened to be lying in a pool from it - it had been just like a criminal activity scene. It ended up that he’d applied himself so very hard that he’d become natural in addition to intercourse prompted their banjo to tear. We had been both mortified and mumbled a goodbye as he took himself down to medical center while we stripped the sleep. We broke up a days that are few because there had been no recovering from that upheaval."

2. “I thought I’d grown balls…”

"One evening my ex-boyfriend and I also came in from every night out having had a serious few beverages. Feeling sexy (and pissed) we made a decision to have intercourse all day. Literally every-where; on to the floor, resistant to the wall surface, upside down also. At that time it had been the most readily useful intercourse evening of my entire life. Until the following day. I woke up and felt variety of reached and sore right down to see what ended up being taking place. I freaked away once I felt like I'd moobs of huge balls attached with me personally. WHAT HAD HAPPENED? I became drunk that is still morning i acquired up and had a appearance into the mirror. It ended up that we’d had such strenuous intercourse that my vagina lips had been therefore distended which they literally seemed nine times the scale. We stepped like John Wayne for several days and went through about six bags of frozen peas. Worst ever. But additionally great, pre-broken vag."

3. “He spat in my own mouth…”

"simply days out of a five 12 months relationship, I made the decision to have myself straight back available to you and went on a romantic date having a more youthful man. We’d met the week before and had been talking daily he asked me out so I accepted when. After an extremely boozy date we wound up straight back and my flat. He straight away led me personally until the bed room, that has been ahead but after sleeping with all the same man for fifty per cent of a decade…exciting! But let me give you took place, he forced me face down, pulled my ass up, took my jeans off and stuck their tongue in a certain area that I happened to be perhaps perhaps not anticipating. It is got by you. Having never ever been, er, rimmed before I was thinking to myself ‘this is really what the cool young ones needs to be doing today’ and simply kind of soldiered on awkwardly. I made the decision to offer it an additional date but this right time rather than concentrating on my behind he launched my lips and full-on dribbled involved with it. Like saliva sequence onto my tongue. At that pint we called it each day. AWFUL."

4. “A youngster caught us…"

"My spouse and I also came across on at ski season and a couple of months into dating we had hit among the mountain-side pubs after every day regarding the slopes. A little more private after a few drinks we decided to go and find a place. We spotted an igloo that were built nearby and decided to get to go and explore it. We crawled in and began to get a bit steamy. The one thing obvs contributes to another so we begin carrying it out. A couple of minutes in we had been interrupted because of the noise of the voice that is young away. we had been panicked to realise that this kid ended up being crawling to the igloo! because it got louder once we arrived in person aided by the tiny individual we had been way too embarrassed to describe the wild birds and bees therefore we collected our garments and quickly ran half nude to the snow. Thank Jesus the moms and dads weren’t available to you."

5. “I robbed him of their virginity…”

" During my this past year at uni I became style of seeing this person who had been a fresher so 3-4 years more youthful than me personally. After a couple of dates/nights away from snogging (the way that is uni we slept together. Right after he smiled and stated ‘I’m therefore glad I’ve finally destroyed my virginity. Many Thanks.’ I was thinking We became likely to have coronary attack. Not just was we resting by having a fresher but I experienced simply robbed a kid of their purity and youth. It had been far too late for me personally to go homeward thus I went along to rest in a panic. We woke within the morning that is next he looked to me personally and admitted he’d been joking. I ended up being probably the most relieved person you’ve every seen. Therefore at the very least it is the absolute most sex that is relieved ever endured. Is that a plain thing?”

6. “i am going to never ever dispose of that nickname…”